26 August 2014

We are pleased to participate in ''Great days of Nemea-2014'' festivities, celebrating this September 10 successful year's of existence. ''Great days of Nemea'' is an annual event organized by Nemea's municipality and the Nemean Winemakers Association every first weekend of September(5-7). For many this is an event to celebrate kicking off the harvest that always makes a late entry for the region's star-variety, the deliciously fruity Agiorgitiko, whereas for other a "valid excuse" to wine-tour Greece's largest PDO.

Yet for the "Wine Commanders" this event is their chance to join the "Nemean troops" and conquer the secrets of the region, to celebrate the glory of the wines of Nemea with their fellow winelovers. Every year we are excited to indulge into Nemea's various styles and expressions, starting from the easy-drinking fruity ones, moving to the classic and super-premium versions and finally reaching the scarse "Super-Nemeas", Nemea's valid attempt to offer to the wine lovers their own version of the Greek Super-Tuscans. Oh, and please do not leave out the beautiful whites, roses and sweet wines of the region!

Where to find us

Randez-vous at the town City Hall! There we will organize an extensive tasting event with more than hundred wines to sip. Starting from 11 o'clock every day, the tasting will be on-going for two consecutive days, i.e. Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of September.

We cordially invite all winelovers to join us is in a weekend extravaganza full of wine and other festivities organized by the wineries. Palyvos, Lafkiotis, Rapti and Bairaktaris estates have already made the start with a seductive agenda and they are still many more to come!

Let us guide you and answer every question you may have.

How to get there

Driving from Athens to Nemea it takes around one hour following the national road to Argos. Take the first exit to Ancient Nemea village or the next one to Nemea village and within 10-15 minutes you will arrive at the City Hall. If you miss the exits do not worry! The internode of Sterna will drive you to wineries in the department of Argos. Be aware that Nemea is the only Greek appellation spread between two different geographical zones, i.e. Corinth and Argolida.

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Be up to date 

According to Konstantinos Bakasietas, the guru Nemean agronomist, 2014 is a late-harvest vintage compared to 2013 and 2012 and a hard one because of vine diseases. It goes without saying that it is premature to make any quality assessments, as the weather conditions during September will have the final call for a great (or not) vintage. So, if we have a dry September some sub-regions will harvest top-quality, healthy grapes, but if the weather is rainy the vintage might be mediocre and Nemean producers will struggle to produce top-quality Nemea.

Visitors will have the exquisite opportunity to meet the winemakers, taste their fantastic wines and participate in many different events that Nemean producers are planning at their wineries. For detailed information please visit

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