24 December 2013

Champagne Ruinart is one of the 60 luxury brands under the umbrella of world-leading group LVMH. Although under LVMH’s ownership 5 more renown champagne houses are found, product placement for each of them is attended to a very distinct market segment. Just like that, the 2.5 million bottles produced annually may be enough to make a strong impact among Champagne lovers but this segment is much more narrow compared to the wider consumer group that for example Moët manages to address with its yearly production of more than 30 million bottles. 

At a time when many multinationals have abandoned Greece, the comeback of such a historic Champagne house is of strong importance and a real challenge as well.

Ruinart's presentation was hosted by AMVYX importing company in Michelin star restaurant Hytra with a fascinating pairing of four Champagnes headed by Ruinart's brand ambassador Nikolas Giannopoulos.

Matches were very sophisticated and even intriguing in a couple of cases raising nice discussion about balance and harmony in food and wine pairing. For our delight white wine glasses were used, expressing all the generosity and complexity of good Champagne that otherwise suffocate in a flute glass. Can't agree more with Maximilian's Riedel goal to make flutes obsolete.

The range of Ruinart champagnes in the tasting The range of Ruinart champagnes in the tasting



NV Ruinart Blanc de Βlancs

Made from 100% Chardonnay, this is very Burgundian in style. Lovely toast and citrus on the nose, along tangerine zest and fresh almond peel, make their way towards a rich and creamy mouthfeel with refreshing acidity. Fine tiny bubbles with great persistence. Overall an irresistible wine. (89/100 Yiannis, 92/100 Gregory)

Seared scallops with different textures of  cauliflower Seared scallops with different textures of cauliflower



(Blanc de Blancs was paired with seared scallops with different textures of cauliflower Matching success: outstanding 5/5)

NV R de Ruinart

This is the signature style of Ruinart, blending Chardonnay with high proportion of Pinot Noir(57%) that provides great intensity. On the forefront complex autolytic aromas, and clear nutty character along ripe yellow fruits reminiscent of quince, a touch of red fruit and minerality. This is more masculine than rounder Blanc de Blancs with racy acidity and more red fruit like raspberry and red cherry. (93/100 Yiannis, 90/100 Gregory)

Sole with Nori crust and sea asparagus cooked in risotto style Sole with Nori crust and sea asparagus cooked in risotto style



(Paired with sole with Nori crust and sea asparagus cooked in risotto style. Matching success: very fine 4.5/5)

NV Ruinart Rose

With 55% Pinot Noir in the blend, Ruinart Rose bears an onion skin colour in the glass. Quite complex nose, more  gamey and earthy rather than fruity along spicy notes. This is more of a textural wine, a rose champagne feeling really comfortable with food. Not your classic aperitif but a serious wine. (91/100 Yiannis, 90/100 Gregory)

Duck breast with chli del and winter spices Duck breast with chli del and winter spices



(Rose was paired with Duck breast, chili gel and winter spices. Matching success: ambitious 3/5)

Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2002

The last course was paired with flagship Dom Ruinart, a tribute to the less famous Dom, who was a close friend with Dom Perignon. This is again a pure Chardonnay with extended lees ageing of more than 10 years, thus gaining enormous complexity of aromas and structures. It is ranked among the finer examples made in the region. On the nose it bears exotic flowery aromas, peaches, citrus fruit and intense nuttiness. Very precise on the palate, with well defined fruit great freshness and persistent finish. A true mind blowing wine that will gain more and more character over the years. (95/100 Yiannis, 96/100 Gregory)

Beetroots, goat cheese and earth from chocolate Beetroots, goat cheese and earth from chocolate



(Dom Ruinart was matched with beetroot ice  cream, goat cheese and earth from chocolate. Matching success: Bold 3.5/5)

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